Mail Archival

Email Archive, E-Discovery & Secure Storage

  • Email Archiving for Your Business

    With 55% of businesses being required to produce email by legal or regulatory bodies, every business needs an email archiving solution with reporting, eDiscovery and vast storage. With Cloud Email Archiving, you have an email archive solution that meets your business needs for protection and compliance with ease.
  • Email Archiving Solutions with Search and eDiscovery

    Access your organization’s Email Archive through a convenient cloud platform. Organization administrators can use web-based user interface to perform searches against a user, a group of users or the entire archive. Searches can be specified based on sender, recipients, content, attachments, date and much more. Messages can be forwarded or downloaded as needed.
  • Tamper-Proof, Offsite Email Archive

    Email Archiving is stored across secure, tamper-proof locations, guaranteeing the continuity and availability of your data when it’s needed. With a multi-tenant console, any company’s archive is private to other companies and any channel partner or service provider who may manage their archiving service, maximizing the cleanliness of their data. As such, email archiving is perfect for O365 and other cloud-driven organizations that want to flexibility of hosted solutions without the vulnerability they may present.
  • Easy End-User Access

    Organizations can choose to allow end-users to access the archive. Users can be granted additional archive related permissions such as administrator or discovery user permissions. End-users can search the archive within web-based user interface. End-users can also print their searches, forward or download the messages they need, with access is controlled at the admin level.
  • Unlimited Storage & Retention

    We provide the flexibility to allow you to designate your own retention policy. Your organization’s communications can be stored for up to 10 years, ensuring maximum compliance. Organizations can also impose a legal hold when needed to ensure that no archived email is disposed of. Furthermore, where many users fail to ever delete an email, causing significant data storage costs as companies grow, this storage and retention offering offers great value to companies struck by the bloated inboxes of so many “Email Hoarders”.
  • Archive Data

    Full-text Indexing of Message Content, Including Attachments

    As part of the archiving process, the solution extracts textual content from common fields in your messages to create a full-text index for searching, allowing easy search of any content stored in the archive. Without the challenges of managing bulky and sprawling attachments, the Email Archiving Solution makes finding the information you need even easier.
  • Remote and Local Journaling

    Messages can be ingested into your archive over IMAP with a local journaling mailbox, or take advantage of remote journaling over SMTP. This functionality sends a copy of all mail sent or received by members of a defined security group either locally or to a remote SMTP address. With both local or remote journaling for Exchange and remote journaling for O365 on archiving, most organizations can ensure complete regulatory compliance archiving with their email server and method of choice.

Mail Archival Solution

Cloud & Inhouse


Issues such as compliance, e-discovery, storage management and knowledge management are driving demands for more efficient ways to archive email so it can be retrieved quickly, accurately and securely when needed, but also tucked away on the most cost-efficient media while it is inert