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G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain) is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google, launched on August 28, 2006.[1] G Suite comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and, depending on the plan, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services.[2][3] It also includes the digital interactive whiteboard Jamboard.[4]

While these services are free to use for consumers, G Suite adds enterprise features such as custom email addresses at a domain (@yourcompany.com), option for unlimited cloud storage (depending on plan and number of members), additional administrative tools and advanced settings, as well as 24/7 phone and email support.[3]

Being based in Google’s data centers, data and information is saved instantly and then synchronized to other data centers for backup purposes. Unlike the free, consumer-facing services, G Suite users do not see advertisements while using the services, and information and data in G Suite accounts do not get used for advertisement purposes. Furthermore, G Suite administrators can fine-tune security and privacy settings.


Gmail for business 30 GB storage with Google Drive, less spam, and a 99.9% uptime SLA, and enhanced email security.

Messaging: Gmail, Revolutionized web based email, Instant Messaging, Video Chat, Archiving, and Routing Policies

Google Drive Google Drive gives you access to your work from anywhere, across your Mac, PC, mobile devices and on the web. Simply download Drive on your Mac or PC to sync files from your computer to the cloud. Update a file on one device and changes are automatically saved to Drive and your other device, so you have the most up-to-date version of your files wherever you need them.

Google Docs Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Work online without attachments. Easily share, edit, update, Present and publish via web, Import/Export multiple file formats, doc, .xls,.csv,.ppt, txt,.html, and .pdf, No more document wrangling.

Google Calendar Agenda management, scheduling, shared online calendars and mobile calendar sync. Sharing, Meeting Scheduling, Colleague, Availability, Room Scheduling, Web Publish.

Google Groups User-created groups providing mailing lists, easy content sharing, searchable archives. Create documents online and access them from any internet-connected computer. Collaborate with colleagues on the same document at the same time — no more emailing drafts back and forth. Easily design all sorts of materials such as press releases, budget spreadsheets, donor presentations, event slideshows, grant proposals, and more.

Google Sites Secure, coding-free web pages for intranets and team managed sites.Build simple web pages, Simple Content Management, Distribute Files, Unify content, Efficient Google Search.

Google Video Private, secure, hosted video sharing, Share rich video, Training and announcements, Secure and Private, No infrastructure, Collaborative contribution.

Hangouts for Google Apps Users Messaging, voice and video meetings With Hangouts you can start or join an HD video meeting with up to 15 participants from wherever you are. Whether they’re across town or on the other side of the world, Hangouts brings everyone together into the same room.

Hangout for Microsoft OutlookGoogle Apps for Business userscan schedule Hangouts video calls with other Outlook users in their company with the Hangouts Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook®.This plugin is also used by Chrome box for meetings organizations that do not have Google Apps for Business. The plug-in adds a video call name to the Microsoft Outlook event, and participants join the video call from a Chrome box for meetings device by entering the video call name using the remote control.

Administrator Control Panel

●        Reporting:View Usage and ReportsMonitor the usage of hosted accounts for your domain. View and download reports about activity levels, disk space usage, and active and suspended accounts.

●        Logo and Name: You can customize the logging page.

●        Offline Mail Access: You can access offline mail in Travel Mode.

You now have more control and flexibility when managing Google Apps for your organization.

Segment your users into organizational units

Have multiple departments or office locations? Now you can classify your users as members of different organizational units.

Give users the right tools you can turn applications on or off at the unit level, so you can have different settings for different sets of users.

Manage multiple domains in one control panel Are your users associated with different domains? Now you can manage everything from a unified control panel.

The Google Apps administrator control panel has always enabled you to create Google Apps accounts and email addresses for your users, and to control which Google Apps services they can use. In the past, all of your users were created equal: they all had email addresses at the same domain and they all had access to the same set of services.

With the new version of the Google Apps administrator control panel, you can organize your users into multiple domains and organizational units. These options provide you with finer control over each user’s experience: users in different organizational units can have access to different sets of Google Apps services.

Multiple domains for 30GB Only not available with 15GB plan

Premier Edition customers can associate multiple Internet domains with their Google Apps accounts, as long as they own the domain names. Each domain remains an independent entity, but Google Apps recognizes that the domains are part of a single organization. For example, each domain has its own set of user email addresses, but users can share calendars or documents with users in any domain that is part of the organization.

Organizational structure

Premier Edition customers can define an organizational structure and place their users into organizational units. The administrator can specify which Google Apps services are available or unavailable to users in each organizational unit.

Other Feature in Google Apps:

1:- Google Apps sync with Outlook:Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook eases the transition to Google Apps by providing all the benefits of the Google cloud to users of Outlook. In addition, new Google Apps users can quickly migrate from Microsoft Exchange or an Outlook data file through Google Apps Sync’s simple migration UI. Users who are familiar with the Outlook user interface can now benefit from the scalability, reliability, and security of Google Apps without changing the way that they work.

2:- Google Apps sync with IOS And Android: Google Apps aims to provide users with seamless access to information eager-less of location or device. Google Apps supports access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and Contacts from most common types of mobile devices.


·        Low cost

·        24*7 Technical Support

·        Continuous Innovation (Regular updates)

·        Universal Access (Mobility)

·        Secure Access Control (Army Grade Encryption)

·        60+ Cloud Apps

·        Web/IMAP/POP/ical

·        Secure Infrastructure

Get Google inboxes with Google Drive, video chat, anti-virus/spam protection, disaster recovery, and a 99.9% uptime with Google Apps Premier Edition & Google released new feature every month without any charge.

Savings & Benefits 

Google Apps can help you to save in various areas of IT needs and also provide a great benefits by leveraging on Cloud and Google’s Technology.

●    Google Apps can replace or eliminates the need of Traditional hardware and software

●    Google Apps can also bring a lot of savings in various areas.

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