About Mail ResQ Copy

When we talk to any IT professionals about very important apps, and you’ll hear about everything from enterprise resource management to a custom-built application designed specifically for their business and industry. But ask them which application is used most frequently by their business users, and the response is likely to be universal: EMAIL SERVICES

 More than productivity apps, social media or any other software used for business, email is the application used by all employees. There will be more than 4.1 billion email accounts in use by the end of 2015; those users are generating an average daily email volume of more than 144 billion.

 But the sheer volume of email, especially in business applications, is creating major headaches for IT organizations. Nearly two-thirds of daily email traffic is considered nonessential3, resulting in rising costs and management complexity for storage administrators. The cost, complexity and manpower to properly back up, safeguard, index and retrieve email for a number of different requests are growing at a stunning rate.

Mail ResQ is a service from Adviacent providing Rescue to Resolution to the issues faced by IT Team regarding Mail Server and Security, Collaboration and Archival Services –hence The Email Consultancy. Adviacent earned name as reputed IT Consultant in Cybersecurity & Storage Solutions and offer comprehensive suite of solutions & services covering every facet of Technology Solutions and Services and committed to providing excellence in client service.

Mail ResQ provides Rescue to Resolution for Corporate E-Mail Solutions, E-Mail security and E-Mail Archiving requirements. We associate with various Email Service Providers like Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, Zimbra, Rediff, IceWarp, IBM Verge, Mdaemon, netCORE, Postmaster & Mithi Skyconnect to create and deliver cost effective Corporate Mailing Messaging Solutions. We have an expertise of providing Hybrid Email Solutions that are designed to address the business challenges of clients with Exclusive Support plans for Support and Data Migration activity during the boarding of client.

Mail ResQ Team possesses strong knowledge and extensive experience in Email consulting to deliver email technology solutions that best fit your specific business needs. Our solution proudly powers the email and collaboration needs of SME, SMB, Enterprise and Large Enterprise users globally. To add to it, we believe in providing very efficient yet cost-effective solutions to our customers. We provide powerful email hosting solution that enables users to access their business communications from a laptop or desktop browser or from a mobile device. More streamlined, less cluttered email accounts, helping users to prioritize and re-focus on the content that matters most. A collaborative information exchange using intelligent, built-in security features with engaging social apps for connecting global teams.

Adviacent Provides Corporate Email Solution from 1 GB to Unlimited Inbox sizes Plan from Various Technology like we mentioned above. Every Corporate can use our Email Consultancy and avail the Corporate Email Services starting from a price of less than a cost of Coffee every day.