The email protocol is the process by which an email desktop/mobile client accesses the information (From and To) contained in an email account (your email address). Each of these protocols which are governed by universal standards (at the core level) have a specific set of capabilities in terms of how data is handled at the […]

Corporate SMTP Relay -The Missing Component

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used on the internet over TCP/IP stack, as a standard to transfer e-mail messages from once server to the other server. The default connecting port for this is port number 25. Mail messages are transferred using this protocol. For example, if you send a mail […]

Mail ResQ -The Email Consultant

Mail ResQ is a brand started Operations in 2014 and providing Messaging, Security and Collaboration services –The Email Consultancy. Mail ResQ is a Messaging consultant for Corporate E-Mail Solutions, E-Mail Security and E-Mail Archiving requirements. We associate with various Email Service Providers like Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, Zimbra, Rediff, IceWarp, IBM Verge, Mdaemon, netCORE, Postmaster & Mithi Skyconnect to create and deliver cost effective Corporate Mailing Messaging Solutions. […]